Viewpoints podcast: AI in Gaming

w/ Scenario and Anything World

Following on from his in-depth AI in Gaming: Hype or Reality article, current FOV Ventures’ EIR Tiago Correia talks to two up and coming startups providing AI tooling to existing game developers and studios.

The two companies are FOV Ventures portfolio company Scenario and Anything World, a company that both Tiago and FOV partner Dave Haynes has worked with since 2019.

Scenario is a French startup, headquartered in San Francisco. They are building the GenAI engine for the gaming industry, allowing studios to craft unique and style-consistent game assets with custom trained AI models. Being tailor-made for the industry, their goal is to reduce developer time and streamline workflows. Joining us for this podcast is Marie Gerard their Head Of Sales.

Anything.World is a London-based startup that uses AI to automate the creation of 3D animations, making it easier and faster for creators to build immersive 3D worlds. They recent launched their Animate Anything product that allows users to upload static 3D model and automagically rig and animate the asset. Joining us for this podcast is Gordon Midwood, their CEO and founder.

In the podcast we hear more detail about the exact offerings of each company’s products today and also what’s in the pipeline. We also hear some specific use cases arising today, be it in marketing teams, design teams or elsewhere. And what the reality is on the ground today versus the utopian vision described by the VC’s and biggest optimists. With that the episode ends with a discussion on the barriers to adoption for both indie devs and incumbent studios, which include everything from copyright to quality to internal factors.

Please note that in this recording the audio quality is slightly impaired. But please give the podcast a listen and let us know what you think!