FOV Ventures Portfolio

Fund Investments and Prior Angel Portfolio

As a thematic-driven, specialist fund, FOV Ventures is 100% focused on investing in European founders building for the Metaverse and the new era of Spatial Computing. We believe this next era of more immersive, 3D software is a generational evolution of today’s Internet and compute, and a multi-trillion dollar opportunity. We like to build convinction early, at pre-seed and seed, investing initial cheques of up to €500k. Our founders are redefining the way we play, work and build — creating a new generation of billion dollar companies.

You can find more on our thesis here and a summary of our portfolio below.

Current & Prior Investments

FOV Ventures Fund I (since Feb ‘22) — markerless motion capture solution, bringing movement to the Metaverse (w/ Animoca, Play Ventures, Chris Lee, WMG, Matthew Ball)

Port6 — solving for next generation human-computer input using wrist and sensor based data (w/ Superangel, Superhero Capital)

Temple — reinventing loyalty for artists and the creator economy with web3 (w/ Venrex, Fasanara, NP Hard, Active Partners)

RLTY — Metaverse tooling for event organisers (w/ Kima, Blue Wire, founders of Sorare, Sandbox etc)

Rens — connecting web3 and the real world via sustainable fashion and de-commerce (w/ Nordic Ninja, Courage Ventures, Sebastien Borget [Sandbox], Axie Infinity founders)

Ray Browser — building the browser for the Metaverse (w/ Play Ventures, A16z)

M-XRimproving existing 3D capture pipelines (w/ Epic Games, Matthew Ball, Expa)

Virtex — the virtual e-sports stadium (w/ Sure Valley Ventures, All Iron, Anorak Ventures)

Ambient — in-browser engine empowering communities to build games together (w/ Connect Ventures, Icebreaker, Chris Lee, Andreas Klinger)

Geeiq — Data-led intelligence platform empowering brands to identify and execute meaningful activities across the Metaverse (w/ Ascension Ventures, Haymarket, angels)  a web-native, photorealistic platform that supercharges the customer experience for configuring 3D products and spaces (w/ angels)

Starstuff  social and interactive 3D creation tools on mobile, for a new generation of media creators (w/ Icebreaker, Atomico and The Mini Fund)

Haven  building a B2C health and wellness app, aiming to be the ‘Headspace of VR'. (w/ HodlCo, angels)

Psytec Games  social, multiplayer VR gaming (w/ angels)

Makea Games  A multiplayer, multiplatform UGC universe for PC and consoles (w/ Play Ventures)

Iconic Games (stealth) leveraging AI from the ground-up to disrupt the AAA gaming industry. Team includes talent from Square Enix, Natural Motion, Rebellion, Deepmind and Meta (w/ HodlCo, angels)

Scenario  the leading one-stop solution for AI-generated game assets (w/ Anorak, Play, The VRFund, Founders Inc, angels)

Atopia — building a digital extension to museums and galleries (w/ Heartfelt_ , angels)

Graswald — using Gaussian Splatting for efficient 3D generation of assets (w/ Lakestar, Supernode, HTGF, angels)

RoRo — Mobile game studio building creative play experiences (w/, angels)

Edailabs (stealth) — Language learning with AI and 3D avatars (w/ Seedcamp, Breega,

Ai-coustics — Building software to enhance audio with genAI speech technology (w/ Connect Ventures, angels)

Lasia (stealth) — Building deviceless Mixed Reality (w/, angels)

Flow Computing - Accelerating CPU performance by 100x (w/ Butterfly Ventures, Superhero Capital, Sarsia)

Kubos Semiconductor - revolutionary material unlocking the production of brighter, more efficient MicroLED’s for XR and the wider display market (w/ DBW, S4C, angels)

Current dealflow is strong with a pipeline of deals in these areas… AI content generation, infrastructure, 3D/WebXR tooling, industrial metaverse, virtual production and VR gaming.

Prior Angel investments

ReadyPlayerMe leading cross-platform avatar platform for the Metaverse, just raised $56m from A16z (w/ Taavet & Sten, Konvoy, Samsung and others)

LivingCities.xyzplayable worlds, bridging digital & physical. Founders are Matt Miesnieks/, John Gaeta/Matrix, Dennis Crowley/Foursquare (w/ DCVC, Eniac, Anorak, Matthew Ball)

Customuse create, remix and sell designs and skins for games and social media (w/ Adjacent, Connect Ventures, Ada Ventures)

Audiomob in-game audio ads, connecting to audiences without interrupting play (w/ Lightspeed, Makers Fund)

Condensereal time volumetric capture and streaming (w/ LocalGlobe,, 7pc)

+ more angel investments and advisory including The Dematerialised (virtual fashion), Crucible (web3 identity), Anything.World (3D asset creation), VoltaXR (immersive video streaming).

+ previous HTC/Seedcamp/NordicXR investments include Wave, LIV, Bodyswaps, Sense Of Space, MeetinVR, Immersal and more.