Investing in Atopia

Driving the Convergence of Tech & Arts

We are happy to announce our investment in Atopia together with our friends at Heartfelt_ (formerly APX) and angels in their pre-seed round. This is our first investment in Germany. We first met Annabel through our DVRSTY initiative where we were impressed with her vision and ambition. We can’t wait to see what Annabel and Valentin build at the intersection of tech, immersive experiences & art.

Annabel and Valentin demonstrate perfect founder/market fit

During lockdown no one was able to experience art up close as everything was closed. The cultural institutes have luckily reopened, however a huge portion of population remains unable to physically appreciate these experiences for various reasons.

Atopia is building a platform that will enable people to immerse themselves in a limitless cultural offering via browser or their VR app, alone or as a shared experience with friends, not tied to your physical location or ability to travel. The business model of the B2B2C platform includes both licensing to institutions and revenue generation on the consumer side: “We create a new source of revenue for art institutions by enabling them to reach visitors all over the world for the first time,” says Annabel Vacano.

Our investment was driven by a combination of team & timing. Atopia’s founding team combines complementary know-how in management and technology with many years of experience in the cultural industry: Annabell Vacano is a cultural consultant and violinist, Valentin Diehl is a trained historian and has worked in software development for many years. Furthermore, Apple’s recent announcement of the Apple Vision Pro gives even more conviction to build incredible, immersive art installations, museums and galleries which can be enjoyed either fully immersed or easily accessed through your browser.

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