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  • FOV Ventures celebrates Starstuff's stellar debut at Slush and announces funding milestone

FOV Ventures celebrates Starstuff's stellar debut at Slush and announces funding milestone

Pioneering a world of interactive experiences: The Starstuff journey

We at FOV Ventures are not just thrilled about Starstuff's debut at Slush but also excited to share a significant milestone in their journey. In Q1/2023, Starstuff raised a substantial EUR 1.18M in pre-seed funding, a round that included contributions from Icebreaker VC, Atomico Angel Fund, Tuolinkantajat, and, proudly, us at FOV Ventures.

This investment marks a crucial step in Starstuff's mission to transform digital interaction and combat the 'Loneliness Pandemic'. Now, emerging from stealth mode with a resounding debut at the Slush Founder stage, Starstuff is set to revolutionize how we interact online.

Online disconnection dilemma

In an increasingly digital world, social capital is becoming a vital element, especially for those who spend significant time and resources online. However, current social media platforms often leave users feeling disconnected and isolated, lacking in depth and authenticity necessary for forging meaningful connections. Similarly, social gaming experiences tend to focus narrowly on specific mechanics, aesthetics, and devices, often accompanied by steep learning curves. This creates a barrier for those seeking to engage in lifelike, interactive experiences with others across diverse devices without technical complexities or substantial investments in time, learning, or skill. Starstuff addresses this gap by offering an intuitive platform where users can effortlessly create, share, and enjoy lifelike interactive experiences, fostering genuine connections and bringing people together in the digital realm.

Revolutionizing digital interaction with multiplayable, AI-driven experiences

Starstuff's innovative platform is transforming everyday digital interactions into dynamic, multiplayable experiences, seamlessly working across all devices. By fusing the depth of multiplayer gaming with the intuitive, instant content sharing of social networks, Starstuff is creating a new realm of social connection. Powered by generative AI and spatial imaging, their technology turns camera rolls into living, interactive spaces and experiences. This shift from passive scrolling to a more immersive form of togetherness is a game-changer in online social interaction.

Investing in a team of stars

The team behind Starstuff is nothing short of remarkable. Led by CEO Hanna Toivonen, whose exceptional background includes roles at Rovio and as a Co-Founder & Board Member of the Finnish Virtual Reality Association, and complemented by the talents of Jaakko Jumisko, Co-Founder of Next Games, among with Mikael Hertell, Ari Nykänen, and Kosti Rytkönen, the team brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a current full-time core team of five senior co-founders, Starstuff is poised to lead the charge in immersive digital engagement.

Tackling the 'Loneliness Pandemic'

Starstuff - Tackling the 'Loneliness Pandemic'

Starstuff's mission resonates deeply with our belief at FOV Ventures that technology should enrich human experiences, fostering meaningful connections. As we continue to support their journey, we are confident that Starstuff will set a new standard for digital togetherness, leading us into a new era of stellar connections.

For more information about Starstuff check out their brand new website.