FOV Invests in Roro

A new interactive studio focused on creative play.

We are excited to announce our investment in Roro’s pre-seed round, alongside, and great angel investors like Craig Fletcher, and Nick Button Brown.

Roro’s team of gaming veterans are crafting a 3D digital dollhouse game that emphasises creative play and self-expression. This venture is particularly exciting for its innovative approach to gaming, offering a platform for users to design dream rooms and weave their own stories, catering to an audience eager for positive, creative gaming experiences.

At FOV Ventures what Roro are building fits squarely into our belief of gaming as the new social. An expanding demographic is spending increasing amounts of time in virtual worlds, and significantly, players aren’t just playing games - they are hanging out with friends and creating.

Roro’s vision centres on creative play and aims to carve a niche for players seeking positive, non-toxic creative outlets, where creation is open-ended as opposed to being a means to an end.

Roro concept art, source:

The Stockholm, Sweden-based studio, are led by CEO William Sampson, a Toca Boca and Stardoll alum, cofounded by Robin Flodin, formerly of EG7, and Kristoffer Jelbring, the former tech director at Mojang.

Roro’s team boasts over 50 years of combined experience and we are excited to see them bring their vision to life.