Brainspark Games raises £1.4M

AI-driven immersive education has the chance to disrupt education.

Like thousands of parents across the UK, mother of three, Reedah El-Saie was frustrated with an antiquated education system.

Reedah witnessed how exams and revision caused her children stress, resulting in them losing their love of learning.

Whilst preparing her son for the 11+ exam, Reedah came across Fortnite often played during revision breaks. She noticed how the 3D open world, multi-player-game engaged children across the world. She imagined an educational game through a 3D open world, aligned with national curriculums, enabling learning through play.

With 91% of under 16s engaged in gaming, instead of seeing it as a threat to education, Reedah saw it as an opportunity and founded Brainspark Games.

We’ve written about our interest in Immersive Education before and Brainspark Games falls firmly into our overall thesis, leveraging AR, AI and 3D to make education more immersive, more intelligent and more human. Taking learning from books, text and 2D screens into virtual and interactive worlds.

Which is why we are excited to announce our participation in Brainspark’s £1.4M Angel and Grant funding round, as an InnovateUK investor partner.

Education Through Gaming

Brainspark Games specialises in free, AI-powered, Augmented Reality educational games that align with the UK national curriculum for key stages 2 and 3, including GCSEs.

The studio’s unique approach condenses 12 weeks of term-time learning into just a few hours of engaging gameplay.

Brainspark Games is pioneering the development of “neurogames technology,” a method that uses gaming mechanics to enhance learning outcomes significantly.

The traditional educational system has been slow to adopt new methodologies despite clear benefits, largely due to high costs and institutional inertia.

In contrast, Brainspark Games leverages the widespread appeal and engaging nature of gaming to foster an educational model that is both efficient for teachers to deliver and enjoyable for students.

Brainspark Games’ approach is particularly relevant today as education struggles to keep pace with technological advancement and a generation of learners who are native digital users.

While apps like Duolingo have successfully gamified learning, achieving significant user engagement, traditional education systems have not yet capitalised on these techniques to improve student retention and enthusiasm effectively.

Games not only capture the attention of students in ways traditional methods struggle to match but also democratise the learning experience by making educational content accessible and engaging for all students, regardless of their learning style or educational background.

The integration of technology in education—through VR, AR, and AI—is not just an enhancement but a necessity in developing a curriculum that is adaptable and inclusive.

Brainspark Games is ahead of this curve, embodying the potential for ed-tech to not only supplement traditional education but to fundamentally reshape it. The company’s success and continuous innovation may well serve as a model for future educational tools that prioritise engagement, accessibility, and real-world applicability.

As we look to the future, the intersection of education and spatial technology holds promising solutions for longstanding challenges in the educational sector.

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